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#1 Woman Killer Gets No Jail Time

Star Jones "Goes Red" for American Heart Association

Star Jones for the American Heart Association

Was Star Jones ambushed on her return to The View? Some people feel she was but she says no. What’s not up for debate however is that Heart Disease (not breast cancer) is the #1, Numero Uno, KILLER of women!

And Heart Disease is precisely why the decked out in head to toe red Star Jones was on The View to discuss as a spokesperson for The American Heart Association. Barbara Walters, David Letterman, Bill Clinton, Regis Philbin, Charlie Rose, Rue McClanahan (Blanche Deveraux from the TV show The Golden Girls) have all had heart bypass surgery. Star is an ardent advocate of heart health after she had heart bypass surgery. Watch her one-minute PSA here.

In his book Bring It!, Tony Horton says that “a good predictor of heart attack risk is your Waist-to-Hip Ratio. The higher a person’s waist measurement to hip measurement, the greater the risk of a heart attack.” Exactly where are your waist and your hips? According to Tony, your waist is the narrowest part of your midsection, about two to three inches above your belly button. Your hips are at your hip bones, the point where your glutes protrude the most. Divide your waist size by your hip size to get your waist-to-hip ratio.

Dr. Dean Ornish, “the first doctor to prove that heart disease can be reversed through diet and exercise,” says heart disease can be reversed by eating vegetarian foods, no smoking, reducing stress, modest exercise. The results will be chest pain disappearance, weight loss, and narrowed arteries opening up.

Dr. Neal Barnard in his Kickstart Your Health dvd says that the first place artery blockages form is in the lower aorta that nourishes the spine, so lower back pain is one of the first signs you may have blocked arteries.

 Heart attack: a signal of heart disease

Heart Attack Symptoms

“Although you may have warning signs prior to a heart attack, the heart attack itself may be your first symptom of an underlying problem: cardiovascular disease such as coronary artery disease (CAD) which narrows and hardens your arteries around the heart or atherosclerosis which is often responsible for artery-blocking clots.”

“Coronary artery disease occurs when the coronary arteries, the blood vessels that supply oxygen-rich blood to your heart muscle, gradually become narrowed or blocked by plaque deposits. The plaque deposits decrease the space through which blood can flow. Poor blood flow can “starve” the heart muscle and lead to chest pain and weakened heart muscle. A heart attack can result when blood flow is completely blocked, usually by a blood clot forming over a ruptured plaque.”

Heart Attack definition

Definition of a Heart Attack

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Go Red American Heart Association

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