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Don’t Exercise to Lose Weight : Evil Sugar


 A couple of years ago I read Fat to Skinny by Doug Varrieur. In the book, he asserts a few notable things:

  • Sugar is what’s making you FAT.” If you want to lose weight your body needs to burn the stored sugar (fat) for fuel. So we have to cut off the sugar pipeline.
  • Proteins and Fats do not cause an insulin reaction. Carbs do.” All Carbs eventually break down into glucose (blood sugar). “Insulin is the gatekeeper for your cells, and each of your cells is a little furnace waiting for fuel to burn. The job of insulin is to go to the cells floating around in your blood and attach itself to each cell. Once attached, it opens the cell to allow sugar to enter the furnace to be burned. The body will burn what it needs based on your activity level, and then the liver converts all unused sugar into short and long-term energy stores.” FAT is a long-term energy store. *Jillian Michaels says that one pound of muscle burns 3x (three times) more calories than one pound of fat.
  • Sugar repeatedly releases dopamine (the feel-good hormone) in the brain, fueling your desires for more sugar!”
  • The Order in which your body burns fuel is:  carbs, glycogen, fat, protein. To get your body to start burning your fat stores, remove carbs and deplete glycogen.”
  • Don’t exercise to lose weight. Eat right to lose weight. You should exercise to build muscle, improve body tone, promote healthy circulatory and respiratory systems, increase your metabolism, and improve your attitude. Any weight loss you achieve from exercise is simply a bonus.” However, Exercise does increase the speed at which you will lose Fat on his low-sugar program, because exercise increases your metabolism.

Jillian Michaels in her Master Your Metabolism book says that “when you really put energy into it, Exercise” does the following:Master Your Metabolism by Jillian Michaels

  • Releases fat-burning growth hormone
  • Reduces cortisol
  • Makes cells more sensitive to insulin
  • Increases your metabolism-boosting thyroid hormones
  • Increases DHEA, which props up your burned-out adrenals to give you more energy, strengthen your libido, and help to relieve depression because exercise floods the body with endorphins, which are natural morphine-like biochemicals.

Bring It! by Tony Horton

Tony Horton in his book Bring It! says that “when you exercise, your brain increases the output of feel-good chemicals like dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, and adrenaline. They stay elevated for about 24 hours—longer than most mood drugs last.”

So get moving to feel good, and once you feel good it’s easier to make better choices about what you are putting in your mouth and together you are on your way to looking good and being healthy.


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