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Cool Hand Luke helps you Exercise Longer & Shave Inches

Seems to me that the reason why this cool hands thing works is because you are lowering your body temperature, so then your body has to “work” to bring your temperature back to normal. Doesn’t seem so “new” to me.

WebMD Health News
Reviewed by Laura J. Martin, MD

woman holding cold bottle

March 13, 2012 — Cool hands, healthy heart?

A new study shows that cool hands may allow you to exercise for longer periods of time.

Obese women who placed their hands in a cooling device while exercising, such as walking on a treadmill, were able to outlast their counterparts whose held a lukewarm device. The cooling device used was the AVAcore CoreControl device, which cools the palms and pulls heat from the body. … Women in the cooling device group also lost 3 inches off their waist size, had lower resting blood pressure, and had greater exercise heart rates. What’s more, women who used the cooling device shaved five minutes off the time it took them to walk 1.5 miles, the study shows. By contrast, women who did not use the cooling device saw no such changes after the three-month study.

Many people become uncomfortably hot and sweaty during exercise. “Cooling will decrease the fatigue that goes with starting an exercise program and allow you to feel more comfortable when you get fit,” says study author Stacy T. Sims, PhD. She is an exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist at Stanford University in Stanford, Calif.

Can’t afford the $3,000 price tag attached to this device?

Holding an ice-cold water bottle is a less expensive alternative. “Freeze a bottle of water and take it with you so you have it in your hand as you exercise, and you can drink cold water as it is melting,” she says.

The findings were presented at the 2012 American Heart Association (AHA) Epidemiology and Prevention/Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Metabolism meeting in San Diego.

Read the rest of the article at WebMD.


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