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Crispy Cheese!

yum lil’ snack I’m sure. I’ve done this accidentally when making a sandwich and some of the cheese dripped into the pan. I’d love to add it to turkey bacon salad instead of croutons.

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

When I started low carb several years ago I was militant. Nothing that was over a small handful of carbs was allowed on the plate. No corn, no carrots and of course no chips or crackers. Unfortunately this meant a lot of the same things over and over. It is amazing how you miss the simple crunch of a cracker or chip. While you may get a crunch from a piece of radish or carrot, it is really not the same and I missed that “mouth feel” in addition to the taste. Many of the snacks I ended up with involved cheese and meat. While I love cheese, it got to a be a little much.

Back then the Food Network supported Low Carb by airing a show called “Low Carb and Lovin’ It”. The chef was George Stella, a professional chef who grew to over 400 pounds. When he decided…

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