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The Lid is on the POT

Alas, this is my last post for The Daily POT. I may reinvigorate this blog at a later date with a more narrow focus or I just might delete it altogether; but for now the lid is on this pot. Thank you all so much for ‘liking’ any posts I made or following this blog. It brightened … Continue reading

Get what You Want from Government

 I came across a book in library: America, The Owner’s Manual: Making Government Work for You by Senator Bob Graham.   Colette Bancroft, The Tampa Bay Times Book Editor, wrote an article about the book:   “Graham says he decided to write [the book] after a year he spent as a fellow at the Kennedy … Continue reading

Money Money Money – megamillions fever

Since it seems everyone is throwing their hat into the ring for the half a billon dollars + Megamillions Jackpot, I am posting info I read in some Forbes articles on the subject. Good Luck to all who are playing, and remember money doesn’t change you, it just allows for the real you to surface, and … Continue reading

good advice

good advice

Read more at http://www.christnotes.org/ww.php

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Connect with people who u…

Connect with people who understand your destiny, people that celebrate your uniqueness. They can help you go where God is taking you, and you can help them walk in their calling, too!

quote by Joel Osteen

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Communication Through Dress | The Aspiring Gentleman

“Let’s take James Bond as a perfect example of dressing confidently. Whenever he is in a room, he is in the room. People notice him not because of what he says, or of his intentions to foil a villain’s outlandish plot while simultaneously running off with his former female companion, but because he has created a presence … Continue reading

Eggs on Hash

Originally posted on Good Cooks:
Hi guys! It was an awesome weather yesterday and today, days to enjoy the spring with the kids, a relief after a continuous raining for the whole last week and the week before, which is good but not in kids spring break though. Hope it will not cool too much…

List of Fees Customers should be able to Charge Businesses | Milk Your Money

Some of these are so hilarious yet true! ——————————————————————————————————– MYM Fee: If I go to the ATM and it’s out of order, the bank owes me $2.75 MYM Fee: If I choose to print a ticket from my computer with my paper and ink, then Ticketmaster owes me a $5.00 processing fee. MYM Fee: If I bring … Continue reading

It’s Shoe Time!

Yesterday I did a post on a Stiletto Workout from fashion stylist, June Ambrose. In the video she was wearing some fab high heels and was told they are YSL – Yves Saint Laurent shoes. I love the YSL logo design including the font. It is clean, classic, simple, yet so elegant. The bold letters … Continue reading

Update on Employers asking for Facebook Passwords

Facebook on Friday warned employers about trying to gain inappropriate access to Facebook accounts to check out private information about potential employees, citing possible legal liability. In recent months, Facebook has seen a “distressing increase” of reports about employers trying to access user accounts in the U.S., Erin Egan, Facebook’s chief privacy officer, said in a post. “The … Continue reading

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